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Our vineyard: garden and living place

Consisting of beautiful plateaus and clay/chalk hillsides, our vineyard shelters 20 hectares of cabernet franc and 6 of chenin, the only varieties permitted in Chinon AOC. Our vines are surrounded by woods which protect them from frost and storms, and are studded with plots of cereals, peas and sunflowers, all cultivated organically.

The wildlife, both wild and domesticated, is important too. Chickens run constantly among the vines nearest the cellar. A little further away, beehives have been humming for decades. A flock of ewes graze the grassland and fallow plots in summer and feed on the vegetation among the vines during winter.

As lovers of the local tuffeau stone and of our heritage, we have restored the buildings surviving from the past. Besides those for general farming, they include the cellars and their presses, witnesses of wine-making activity stretching back centuries.