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A family estate

We are convinced that wines are the reflection of the people who create them.

A part of us is in every bottle that you drink. The daily work of men and women, convivial moments shared by the whole team, the passion, the sensitivity, the thousand projects and also the doubts of the Manzagol Billard family since 1952.

From the 1970s, Madeleine joined her parents in running the estate. Her husband, François Billard, was a professor of oenology. He brought technical expertise and innovation to both vineyard and cellar. Jérôme Billard, their son and a trained oenologist, and his partner Elodie Peyrussie, agronomist, are today the guardians of a 26 hectares vineyard.

But nothing would be possible without the investment, the dynamism and the enthusiasm of our team. A dozen women and men work each day to cultivate the vines, elaborate the wines, make them discover and taste. Some 30 people provide extra support to the team and share our daily life at harvest time.

Crédit photos 3 et 4 : Stevens Frémont.