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Our expertise

Everything begins in the vineyard, specifically around each vine

Our objective: to return life to the soil, to encourage the proper balance of the vines while controlling their vigour and yield. All we do in the vineyard is carefully thought out to meet the needs of the plants on each of our terroirs.

Harvesting by hand

As harvest approaches, we keep careful watch on the aromatic development of the grapes on each plot. We select and harvest them by hand at the correct maturity needed for each of our wines. On the same plot, we may harvest several times to separate bunches from individual veins of soil and with differing maturity.

A gravity-flow cellar, source of finesse

The closeness of our cellar to all our vines reduces unwanted crushing of the grapes during transport. Thanks to its position at the foot of the hillside, using the natural slope, our cellar ensures that both damage to the grapes and oxidation is minimal during transfer to the vats.

An ancestral vat, carved in the rock

Dug in the tuffeau centuries ago, this vat has been used exclusively for the vinification of our cuvée Pierre de Tuf since 2003. We have rediscovered such historic practices as punching down by hand and emptying the vat with buckets, alongside natural temperature control thanks to the thick walls of tuffeau.

Oenology and ageing

We see the work in the cellar as accompanying the grapes during their metamorphosis. We believe that healthy grapes create the freedom to avoid unnecessary additives. Fermentation is from indigenous yeasts.
Ageing from 6 to 24 months is carried out in the cool temperatures of our natural cellars, without any need for topping-up. Ageing must not impose on a wine but uncover its different facets. Whether it is in vats, in barrels or in amphoras, it contributes to revealing the characteristics of our terroirs. Use of sulphur is minimal. These tiny additions preserve our wines from oxidation but also allow them to retain their identity.