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A multi-century estate

La Noblaie, several centuries ago, was part of a mixed agricultural estate where the land surrounding the farm buildings was already dedicated to the cultivation of vines, as the Cassini map of 1765 shows.

Presses, cellars and vats carved in the tuffeau are further witness to past activity.

This long-standing wine culture gave its name to our hamlet: Le Vau Breton, which in the language of Rabelais meant Valley of Cabernet Franc – the only grape variety in red Chinon wine.

In 1952, Jacqueline and Pierre Manzagol, dairy owners at Poissy, were seduced by the charm of the property. They began a lengthy project of renovating the house, replanting and caring for the vineyard. In 1953, the 5 hectares of vines produced just 3 barrels of wine.