Men and Women

After belonging to several owners, the Noblaie was acquired in 1952 by the Manzagol family. Today the third generation of winemakers is working with the same passion.

Jacqueline et Pierre Manzagol

Jacqueline and Pierre Manzagol Born in Corrèze, expatriated in Paris, Jacqueline and Pierre Manzagol were cheese seller in Poissy.
During a trip to Chinon, they fell in love with this beautiful property.

In 1953, the vineyard produced three barrels from 5 hectares.

Madeleine and François Billard

Madeleine et François Billard In 1968, Madeleine, their daughter, married François Billard, engineer from Bordeaux.

He brought technical and professionnal knowledge to La Noblaie wines, giving them back all their glory.

In 2000 : la Noblaie operated 12 hectares of vines.

Jérôme Billard and Élodie Peyrussie

Jérôme Billard et Élodie Peyrussie Jérôme Billard, their son, came back to La Noblaie in 2003, the year of the 50th harvest. The Domain extended then over 18 hectares. His goal: always looking for quality wines, respectful of terroir and vintage.

Élodie Peyrussie joined the team in 2006, bringing his creative sensibility in the service of La Noblaie wines' image. In 2012, the estate covers 24 hectares.


La Noblaie, is also a team of permanent and seasonal employees.