Vine Culture


Cabernet Franc
King's Valley "Vau Breton," the majority of the vine AOC Chinon (2300 hectares), the only entrant in the development of red and rose wines, accounted for 19 hectares to Noblaie.

Le Chenin, or Loire Pineau
Scarcity of Chinon appellation, it represents about 2% of the planted areas. Historically grown at Noblaie, our 3 acres are the flagship.

An environmentally friendly viticulture

Being Bio Ecocert certified, we lead the Domain in organic farming for several years.

For this, the proximity of all the plots makes us support finely vines, and react quickly to reduce the extreme carbon footprint of production. The vineyard is in fact made up mainly of three zones that surround the winery.

Each zone is surrounded by woods teeming with biodiversity preserved. The isolation of our plots and richness of the wood greatly facilitates biological control.

Yield management

In winemaking, producing quality grapes essentially means reducing the amount of grapes produced.

As one friend said, increase yields amounts means adding water in his wine! We prefer to offer a wine rich in aromas and flavors!

We therefore offer the greatest care in the garden of bonsai by pruning, disbudding ... These various works we provide a quality production, but sometimes you have to be more draconian and make some green harvesting. Only a daily observation of the plots allows us to support the vines throughout the year.