A privileged location

Most of the vineyards of Noblaie is one piece around the field, on beautiful hills and plateaus, mainly oriented southeast.

The upper area offers stunning views over the vineyards and the valley of the Vienne, Chinon Castle to l'Île Bouchard.

From this position, it is easy to understand location of the vineyard: the height and exposure of the isolated valley Noblaie the bed of the Vienna that channels most weather and maintains a favorable micro-climate on the top of this "rump".

Predominantly clay and limestone soils


In general, it is the geological eras consist of limestone that predominate here. Clay soil of varying thickness overlies the limestone and brings to its low food vine. There is also a geological accident consists of a siliceous clay-pocket (Senonian of aeolian sand) on the set. These soils give wines opulent and full bodied with great aging potential.

In 2006, we appealed to René Morlat to conduct a thorough job on the soils of La Noblaie. Program: 300 auger holes, 13 soil pits, numerous analyzes and a healthy dose of algorithms!
This study is an accurate tool for knowledge of our soils and the behavior of the vines in each of them. It allowed us to adapt our farming practices to each type of soil and precisely select the grapes needed to develop each of our wines.