Grape harvest time

This is the most exhilarating moment of the growing season. A "vintage", it's a marathon a year where everything is happening the last few weeks and ends with the harvest. And the requirement is appropriate because it takes each vine harvesting at the right maturity to the character of the grapes is best expressed. This is why we make hand piking harvest: the identity of each of our wines comes from the careful selection of our pickers.

Hand picking and the proximity of the parcels we offer flexibility and adaptability. We do not gather the grapes all the grapes in a single pass.

On Cabernet Franc parcels, we harvest and separate into two or even three times, the top and bottom of our plots on slopes. On the same parcel we will develop our sparkling « MonAnge », our « Goutte de Rosé » and our red wine Chinon « Le Temps des Cerises ».

For Chenin, bunch by bunch we harvest only the ripe grapes, and come back up to 4 times in the plot!